LETS Products Catalog 2018

Law Enforcement Telephone Systems (LETS) is a set of proprietary phone system technologies designed specifically for police officers and recognized government agencies. LETS allows officers and their cooperators or informants to use any cell phone or PSTN connected phone to record incoming and outgoing calls, capture text messages and capture pictures, record cell phone video, handle wire operations, and cover team communications.

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  • Designed for covert use and undercover operations
  • Designed for use with informants and cooperators
  • Includes Remote Control apps to control wire
  • Includes Investigator Features
  • burner numbers for incoming calls
  • incoming call recording
  • pretext call recording with caller id spoofing
  • interview recording
  • requires cell voice converage
  • recordings stored and downloaded using LETS evidence manager
  • no call monitoring
  • audio and video interviews
  • photos
  • record phone calls
  • with or without cell coverage; uploads when data connection available
  • secure login and data storage
  • completely functional; no in-app purchases
  • time and date stamp on video
  • file signature for file verification
  • downloads via email link (patrol app only)

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